Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Registry Backup - A System Saver

Many people don't realize the importance to backup their registry files. I ended up here a result of an article posted at about using REGEDIT to save or export your registry to a file.

Sure doing an Export inside Regedit does backup the registry or sections of the registry, but it is not always the answer. There is a problem with this. Anyone who has done this, should have experienced that when your try to import (merge) the entries back into the registry, some do not get written into the registry because some entries are locked by the WINDOWS system. This causes a displaying error message that some entries could not be saved or entered.

The most common problems for registry problems:
  1. In my experience, I find that the most common causes of Registry errors and corruption causing the System to not boot or function correctly happens as follows:
    The computer was shut down by the switch too many times and Write Behind Cache was enabled thus causing a corrupted registry. One such problem resulting to this is the fatal "blue screen of death." But not always is the BLUE SCREEN an indication of a Registry Error; it could be because of a file being corrupted somehow, or an incompatible driver.
  2. A software installation was unsuccessful.
  3. Spyware/Virus was installed by a Bot, by a hacker, or by forced downloaded marketing trickery on the users computers.
  4. The computer user tried to do a Registry Tweak and made a mistake.

Windows Regsitry Files - Backup And Recovery

So if the above method isn't a efficient way to repair Windows system using REGEDIT, then what is another way?

Although there are other options that people forget by using Registry Cleaning Software, a simple way is to a program called (ERUNT) which I have found on the web while doing many hours of searching, amongst testing software on the web. ERUNT or Emergency Recovery Utility NT is FREEWARE and backs up the System Registry files in System Registry File format. That means you can copy them in DOS and if worse gets to worse.

ERUNT has an Auto-backup feature. You can also backup your registry prior to testing some software, that way you can revert to your previous Registry by running ERUNT. ERUNT can be ran in Windows , while you have a Virus/Spyware. ERUNT has saved my computer a few times. ERUNT was written by Lars Hederer. Lars really knows his stuff on computers. I say "MANY Thanks TO You, Lars Hederer" for producing this software.

My Advice to you:

"ERUNT is a 'MUST HAVE' as part of your Windows System !!!"

ERUNT is a Registry Backup and Restore for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.

You can find further details of ERUNT here:

You can download ERUNT from this page:

In addition to finding ERUNT, you will find NTREGOPT NT Registry Optimizer,
a Registry Optimization for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista on the same page.

NTREGOPT is a Registry Defragger. I won't go into the details of it, but to make it simple, after system usage and cleaning the registy with some registry cleaner, the registry gets defragged like the similar to the way a Hard Drive gets defragged. Thus, this slows down the computers accessing data to run and operate programs.

These Programs are listed for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced computer user.

Take Care Everyone.. Hope this helps you.

I will post more about WINDOWS System Registry files, later ..


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